Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Yarn to Garment Feb. 4-6

This is the 10th year of “From Yarn to Garment”, an Oberlin College Winter Term Group Project, and we’re celebrating. Yes, you’re invited to a weekend of festivities in Oberlin!

Get complete details, schedule and workshop registration information in this PDF flyer LOCO will be sponsoring a potluck lunch at the Firelands Association for the Visual Arts before the student fashion show on Sunday.

Workshops include:

Friday, Feb. 4 – 4:00-5:30  Weave a Wardrobe on a 28″ Wide Warp – Barbara Decker

This lecture will illustrate how a standard 28″ wide warp can produce an entire wardrobe of wearables simply through the imaginative use of squares and rectangles. These are not awkward, stiff designs you need to reshape your body to wear but attractive, comfortable, fashionable clothes. The discussion will include jackets, coats (cocoon, cape), sweaters, ruanas and skirts.

The lecture will be illustrated with many slides and examples. Participants are encouraged to bring their own designs.

Saturday, February 5, 9:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00 Liz Spear



Piecing Adventures with Your Handwoven Fabrics

This six-hour workshop will present a variety of design and sewing techniques, using small and large scraps of handwoven fabrics to create full garments and accessories of amazing beauty and texture. The class will begin with a slide lecture of creative process development, detailing the series of garment designs and friendships with other fiber artists that has led to the collaborative coats, jackets and shirts presented for hands-on examination by the students. A series of demonstrations and discussion of cutting, measuring, design decision-making, and actual sewing will provide students with ideas and inspiration for their own piecework adventures. Participants are encouraged to bring their own handwoven scraps, samples, and bits, along with sharp scissors, pins and notebook for ideas. Personal sewing machines may be brought, by those comfortable with more immediate design approach.

A list of tips, suggestions, and bibliography will be provided.

Sunday, Feb. 6 10:00-11:30 A Biased View of Handwoven Clothing – Barbara Decker

Often weavers construct garments in a T-shape that echoes the grid of warp and weft. We will turn that grid on a slant and exploit the drape and dynamics of the diagonal. We will use the angles created to draw the eye to the best parts and away from our least favorite parts of our bodies. We will break away from the grid by examining garments using these methods. Slides and samples will be shared.

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