LOCO Weaves Shawls for Heifer International

For many years, the LOCO Guild participated in sheep to shawl contests at
the Ohio State Fair. The way they work is this: various groups/guilds would
get a team together and in a timed, competitive event, each team would card,
spin, and weave a shawl. The shawls were then judged on quality, size, time
used, and complexity of pattern.

Because each team had to come to the contest with a ‘practice’ shawl, and would then proceed to make another one, after 6 or 8 years of participation the guild ended up with ten or fifteen handwoven shawls. Somewhere around 2003, we decided to try and raffle the shawls off, and chose Heifer International as the beneficiary of our ticket sales.

While the State Fair no longer holds a sheep-to-shawl contest, the
guild still does various demonstrations at county fairs as well as a
‘pioneer craftsmen experience’ day at Lorain County Metroparks Mill Hollow
location. This year, we took the leftover yarns from several past years, and
at our annual March dye-day, many of the guild members participated in the
dyeing of those yarns. We have completed one shawl, and wove the
other at the Cuyahoga County Fair on August 9th. In addition, we have chosen
one of our past sheep to shawl items [for a total of 3 shawls] to raffle off
this year. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 and as always, the proceeds will
benefit Heifer International.  The guild has raised more than $7,000 to benefit Heifer and its programs.

For tickets, find a guild member, or contact us. Good luck – we hope you win!

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