September 2020 supplemental

HI! everyone.
I hope you are all well and comfy at home.
We had 18 participants at the Zoom meeting tonight.  Not bad for our first virtual meeting. It went very well.  We held a standard meeting, and show and tell.  You will read more about it in the next newsletter in the minutes.
I wanted to take a moment to get comments from the guild.  Mostly I would like to ask, if you did not zoom in, what were the reasons or barriers?   We can’t all attend every meeting, but was there something specific? Like, should I have sent a reminder out the day of?   Are you uncomfortable with the virtual world?  (It is not recorded, and you can just listen in, or not have video). Do we need to schedule another “how to use Zoom” lesson?
Any other comments would also be welcome.  Maybe about how much you enjoyed participating!  I may quote you in the next newsletter.
On to the next item – the Loco Guild Fair Contest: 

Sept. 8, 2020 – Zoom Meeting

Sept. 26 at 6 pm -Deadline for Weaving Submissions


Oct. 3, 2020 – Oct. Newsletter

    1. Show pictures of Weaving Category
    2. Deadline for Voting Oct. 13   6 pm  (Zoom Meeting)
    3. Announce New Category – Spun Yarn (since 3/1/20)

Oct. 13, 2020 – Zoom Meeting

    1. Announce Winner of Weaving category ($50 gift Certificate)

Oct. 26   6 pm Deadline for Spun Yarn Submissions


So, what that all means is that I need your weaving submission by Saturday, Sept 26th.  Please attach to an email a picture of and a close-up picture of your weaving.  They will be in the next newsletter, then you will have till 6pm the night of the next meeting to vote by email to me, (  In the newsletter the submissions will be anonymous, so you would by vote by choosing a number.  Next month – Spinning!  

Just remember with the “Virtual Fair”, 
1) You can win a $50 gift certificate to your fiber choice store. 
2). When we vote, we will not see the names of who made each item.
Here is a sample submission.

“Plain weave kitchen towels.  8/2 – 20 epi 100% cotton – 20 epi.  Woven on my Wolf pup.  I wove a large white area in the center because I plan to use a chemical dye technique to paint an image in the center.”  (These have not been wet finished or hemmed yet.  Just grabbed them as an example. If you can’t do a close-up, I will try to get it from your basic picture).

By Gina

Weaver, spinner, ukulele player.