September 2020 updates

Greetings all!  It is a Beautiful Fall day!  Before I go out and enjoy it, I thought I might give you a few updates.
First, the Nominating Committee is hard at work.   If you would like to run for any of the officer positions please just contact me and we will put your hat in the ring.
One position that we need to fill is that of Refreshments Officer.  That’s the person that brings the cups and paper plates, sets up hot water, etc.  They also keep track of whose turn it is to bring snacks.  Please let me know if you might be interested.  There won’t be anything for you to do for some time until things go back to normal, of course.
Second, this month is the LOCO Fair Weaving Category.  You have thru Sept. 26th, that’s Saturday, to get me your entries.  Send me a picture, and a close-up picture of your favorite weaving, since early March, when this whole Covid-19 thing started.  Give me a sentence or two about fiber, pattern, maybe what loom you use, etc.
The entries will be anonymously published in the upcoming newsletter, and then the whole guild will vote for thier favorite.  The prize is a 50$ gift certificate to your favorite fiber source, for example, it could be The Woolery.  I will tell you; I only have a few entries so far…. your chances are pretty good.   So, get those pictures in!
That’s all for now.  Oh, by the way, I have about 20+ cardboard spools for spun yarn storage or sectional warp beaming, they look to be a standard size like a spinning wheel bobbin.  If anyone could use them, let me know and I will get them to you.  Free for the asking.

By Gina

Weaver, spinner, ukulele player.