A New Feature: Weaving Calculator

The new weaving calculator is now live on the website! Check it out under the “Learn” tab on the menu at the top of the webpage. 

It is set up to calculate the warp for your next project. Let us know if it is meeting your needs and if you have other calculations you would like to see added (such as weft). 


November 2022 Newsletter

Here is the November 2022 Newsletter.  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read it, which you can find here.

Our next meeting is November 8, 2022.    We’ll gather at the Carlisle Reservation Visitors’ Center.

Program: Lisa Whitfield from “For Ewe:  An inclusive Fiber community” (Yarn and lessons store) in Oberlin, wants to meet and greet with us. 

Gina T. will  be presenting: Fresh Indigo Dye “It’s Like Magic” Did you know in addition to yellow, brown, gold, green and red from your dye garden you can also grow a beautiful indigo blue? Gina and Missy will show you the plants, show you how to grow them, where to source the seeds and do an actual dye during the meeting.

(Business meeting and Show & Tell)

Location: Carlisle Reservation

Snacks provided by:  Debbie Swan, Nancy Page,  Tara Lester

Bring your own Beverage. Face masks available at the door if you want to wear one.

Congratulations to our Scavenger Hunt winners: Ben, Debbie and Elaine. They got all 7 questions correct!

Click here to see the November 2022 newsletter