Jan Pesek Sale

There here will be a presale of Jan Pesek’s items for all Medina Guild members prior to the “open to all” sale.

The “open to all” sale will be held on Saturday, January 14,  from 12: pm to 4:00 pm.

The sale will be at Jan’s house at 3685 Seven Oaks Trail, Richfield OH 44286.
Please contact Rosanna Ludwig if you have questions.
Original Equipment List:
-Schacht Baby Wolf- 8 shaft/10 treadle, with 3 beams, raddle, reed, and bench!
-Loomcraft- 8 shaft/10 treadle 42” weaving width, sectional beam, reed, with bench!
-Toika- we think the Eeva model- 4 shaft but 4 more could be added, 48”, 2 reeds, and bench. Jan got this in the last year or so. $2500
-Reed rug loom- 4 shaft, about 42” wide, $500
-Bench- $65
-Carol Leigh Triangle loom- $300
-Tape loom- $40
-Large Ashford tapestry loom- $100
-Mirrax tapestry loom-about 12” weaving width, looks like new, $150
-small table loom- 2 shaft, 17” wide, $50
-Trapeze- $50
-Harrisville warping mill- $250
-Warping board- $15
-Lendrum spinning wheel- large plying head, regular plying head, 3 bobbins, lazy Kate, $750
-Lendrum spinning wheel with carrying case- regular head, lace weight head, spindle, 3 bobbins, $850
-Spinning stool- $75
-Spinning chair- $75
-John A Mack Picker- $200
-Strauch’s finest Drum Carder- $500
-Nancy’s Knick Knack Cone Winder- $250
-LeClerc electric bobbin winder- $100
-Swedish hand crank bobbin winder- (two available) -$75
-Spool rack, tension box, and spool stand- $100