Get Your Swag On!

New members and old members alike…how would you like to update your wardrobe with a new shirt, hat, bag, or sweatshirt with our LOCO guild logo? Big Frog Custom T-shirts in Avon still has a 5-10% discount if you buy from this link:  

If you think you want something different than what is in the LOCO link you can always go to their store: Avon Commons, 35878 Detroit Road, Avon, OH 44011 or call them at 440-723-3393. (If you don’t get it from our link then you will have to pay regular prices.)

Wear and or use your swag at demonstrations, meetings, going to the grocery store or as pajamas. (We’ve all probably done that at least once!) If you have an artist page, it’s a great way to encourage your folks to check it out. 

Hope to see everyone swagged out in meetings to come!


2023 October Newsletter

The October Newsletter can be found here! 2023 October LOCO Newsletter 

Next Meeting: October 10, 2023

Program:  One Woman’s Opinion

Because the Wellington setting is not so easy for us to show a movie, we have made a program change. The movie on overshot will be shown in November at our usual location (Carlisle Reservation).

As a lead in to our monthly LOCO Guild Fair (23-24) entries, we thought we would instead have an informal critique of any weaving, spinning or knitting projects members would care to bring in. Rosanna Ludwig is a member of the Medina Spinners and Weavers Guild. She has years of experience as a weaver, spinner, and knitter. She will be with us in October with a program we are calling “One Woman’s Opinion”. Anyone is free to bring in a piece or two of their work, be it fantastic, or maybe not so much so, and Rosanna will give us all her critique. This is an informal setting, and we hope folks will receive her thoughts in the spirit in which they are given. We will get to as many pieces as time allows.

Business meeting, Show & Tell 

Location: Wellington Reservation

Snacks provided by:  Betsy B., Sheri Z., Barbara D.

(Thanks for all the yummy snacks last month!)

Bring your own Beverage.

Face masks available at the door if you want to wear one.