International Scarf Exchange Opportunity


Nancy P. participated in this exchange last year. Talk with her at our next meeting for details about the experience but this information is directly from the PDF Form at the top of this post. Try something new! Great for spinners, knitters, crocheters!

International Exchange Opportunity

Canberra (Australia) Spinners and Weavers invites you to participate in the 32nd Annual International Scarf Exchange

The Annual Scarf Exchange is an international program aiming to preserve the skills of spinning, weaving, knitting, and crocheting to expand the fibre craft network, and to challenge each crafter to produce their best work. Our theme for 2023-2024 is Aurora Australis.

How it works. Each crafter will send 150-200grams of clean, carded or combed fibre to the event organiser, -Canberra Spinners and Weavers (CSW) for 2023-2024. CSW will receive your fibre and exchange it for another entrant’s fibre, then post the exchanged fibre to you. Your new fibre package will include 150 – 200gms of fibre ready for you to spin, and then craft into a scarf, shawl/wrap, cowl, or beanie. When you have completed your crafted item you will post it back to CSW. All items will be displayed in the “Annual Scarf Exchange Exhibition” which will be held in the ‘Fay Skyring Canberra Textile Works Gallery’ at CSW Maclaurin Cres Chifley 22-30 June 2024. A list of fees and dates for the exchange program is outlined in the following entry form. At the conclusion of the exhibition the item made from your fibre will be sent to you, with the details of the person who crafted it for you.

As you will appreciate it is very important that your submitted fibre is clean, carded or combed, and free from any contamination or strong odours, including mothballs or similar as this may trigger asthma. The fibre submitted can be any fibre or colour of your liking. If you send white or natural coloured fibre which could be dyed, CSW will try to match your fibre with another entrant who has dyeing skills, unless you specify you would like it left in its natural state. Please note: CSW reserves the right to return any fibre packs to the sender if the fibre doesn’t comply with the above conditions. The fibre must be sent in a resealable plastic bag. Any fibre left after the crafting, will also be returned to you along with your item after the exhibition.

Entry fees cover administrative and return postage costs for all Australian entrants. International entrants will need to pay for the return postage of your crafted item.

CSW look forward to receiving your entry and hope you enjoy your crafting experience

So, have fun and make new friends.