Artist Page: Ann Davies

What inspires me:

I love color and the natural world around me. I also enjoy telling a story or connecting what I do with meaning.

What motivates me to create:

I feel better when I am able to be creative everyday which is a good thing since a lot of what I do with weaving takes time!

How long have I been involved with fiber:

I have enjoyed creating things since I was a child. I actually was exposed to weaving when I was in school to become an Occupational Therapist. (Occupational Therapy has a long history with using weaving and any type of craft or art as a purposeful and meaningful way to heal from physical, emotional and developmental challenges.) I started to weave on a table loom 35 years ago. I walked away from it when life got in the way but I returned about 6 years ago.

Areas of  interest:

I enjoy tapestry weaving, weaving on a 4 harness loom, pin loom weaving and working with bead weaving. I dabble in many other types of art as the opportunity arises.

Educational experience, background, awards:

I have a degree in Occupational Therapy and certification in ergonomics. I mostly do my art for my pleasure and my family’s enjoyment.

Contact Information: 

Please contact this artist through the guild.