Artist Page: Elizabeth Yasaki

Artist Bio:

I’m inspired & motivated a lot by the projects other people have done.  I learned how to knit, crochet, sew and do cross stitch at a young age but didn’t do much with them. I took a spinning and then a weaving class in college and have enjoyed doing them ever since. Joining the local spinning and weaving guilds really helped me learn more and not just about spinning and weaving. The various programs and workshops (the ones I have managed to attend) have been wonderful experiences. I enjoy spinning, weaving, cross stitch, tatting, sewing, knitting, knitting beads, etc. I would like to do quilting if I can find the time and I would like to learn basket weaving if I could just get past that learning curve (all my former baskets turned out lopsided) and I enjoy learning new crafts but sometimes I think if I just focused on one area I could do better and do more. And if I didn’t work full time.

Contact information: 

I can be reached at