Artist Page: Jean Crawford

What inspires you?  

Color, texture, things that I see that I like. 

What motivates you to create? 
A need to be productive. Can’t stand wasting time, and fiber arts is a satisfying, never ending rabbit hole. I have more fiber and tools than I will ever use in two lifetimes, but trying to do so is so much fun.
How long have I been involved with fiber: 
My Mom taught me to knit when I was about 11? I knitted a little off and on until 1994 when I met my husband, and he was a couch/tv watching potato. So, I started knitting to still feel like I was accomplishing something. Which led me to spinning in 2011, weaving in 2012 and then the rest of the way down the rabbit hole with felting, basket weaving, circular sock knitting machines. I love to collect, and sometimes re-sell wheels, looms, tools and fiber.
Areas of  interest: 
I especially like to start with raw fleece and do the whole spinning/weaving or knitting process with that. Natural and all types of dying fit right in there. I love to get to know people with fiber interests and learn from them too. There is a special bond between fiber enthusiasts. I am a moderator for a sales group on Ravelry, Many of my projects can be found under my handle “arealasset” on Ravelry as well. I am a member of lots of groups on Facebook. 
Educational experience, background, awards:
Mostly self-taught on YouTube to start. That is how I learned to spin/weave. But I have now taken lots of spinning, weaving, and other workshops from Susan Conover, Natalie Drummond, Jennifer Moore, Bobbie Irwin, Janet Dawson, Tien Chiu, Geanie Helfrich, Betsy Bruce, Nelly Devault, Stephen Page, Gina Talandis, Dave Lewis, Mary Brook, Karen Long and others. I have owned my own alpacas and angora rabbits. I have successfully entered items in the Lorain County Fair, and the Great Lakes Fiber Festival. A handwoven/spun scarf took weaving best of show at the fair last year, and a skein of handspun flax took best of show at the Great Lakes Fiber Show this year.