Artist Page: Kathy Webb

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I love the feel of fiber in my hands. I do cross stitch, spin, knit, crochet and have woven on occasion. Color, what’s in my stash or what someone may need (a baby blanket, wedding gift) inspires me to create. It is fun to take what is in front of me and come up with a design. I do not like to use patterns but choose to use what I know in different ways. 

I have found ways to be engaged with fiber throughout 60 plus years. I have been involved with a library knitting group for many years making baby blankets to donate. I have been known to run knitting groups. It is amazing to watch people open up when their hands are busy. I have also been demonstrating at Lyme Village for 12 years. I usually bring a spinning wheel, winder and a blending board. That way kids can touch and be involved with an historical craft. I have really enjoyed spinning what the children create on the blending board.

I’ve recently retired so that means more time to read and work with fiber. I’m looking forward to processing a bunch of alpaca next so I can make more room for my equipment too. 

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