Artist Page: Nancy Zaworski

Artist Bio:

Nancy Zaworski has been a fiber artist for over 85 years. When she was six her aunt taught her to knit. She is proficient at sewing, crocheting and knitting. She has taught numerous crocheting and knitting classes. She has many blue ribbons and trophies from the county fair and decided to stop entering items so others could win. She knits socks for her family every Christmas and has added scarves and blankets. At the age of 85, Nancy challenged herself to learn to weave. She currently has a David loom and her weaving is impeccable. She learned to weave from LOCO members and workshops in the area. She has help from her son in dressing her loom and ordering her supplies. She likes to purchase a pattern kit and then extends her knowledge by creating other pieces from that pattern. Her inspiration comes from the need to give gifts to others. Nancy’s advice is, “Laugh and laugh out loud. You are never too old to start a new craft or to dream a new dream.” Nancy lives in Amherst, Ohio. 

Contact Information: 

You can contact Nancy through the guild.