Artist Page: Suzanne Reyes

Artist Bio:

I am primarily inspired by two things when creating fiber art: the talented and creative people with whom I share these passions and the beautiful nature that surrounds me.

I am always motivated to create since there seems to be something inside of me that is always thinking about what I can make. I get a lot of joy and excitement from thinking about the many possibilities before me and how I can make them my own. I also like the way that I feel when I am creating something and once the item is completed. That feeling of wellbeing drives me to continue to create new projects.

It seems as if fiber has been a part of my life in some way since I was a young girl. My grandmother and great grandmothers on my father’s side of the family were always crocheting or sewing. They introduced me early to thread and yarn. I also remember my mother buying me kits for rug hooking and string games even though she wasn’t involved in the fiber arts. However, my serious interest in fiber arts began in my early 20’s when I began to feel like something was missing in my life. I kept seeing the crochet I had begun with my great grandmother when I was a girl in my childhood bedroom when visiting my parents. It seemed to call to me, so I picked it up and got help to restart it. I have been passionately involved in all things related to fiber arts since that time, which was about 30 years ago. I became seriously interested in crochet when I first picked the fiber arts back up in my early 20’s, which eventually led to knitting (my main passion for much of the last 30 years), and eventually learning to spin yarn on wheels and spindles (my current obsession). I have also learned to weave a bit on a rigid heddle loom. At this point, I love all things related to fiber and yarn (including fleece and fiber preparation) and would happily spend all day every day engaging in some aspect of it.

I have taken many knitting and spinning workshops over the years including a Fair Isle workshop with Beth Brown-Reinsel, spinning-related workshops with Jillian Moreno, Kate Larson, and Sasha Torres, and many online spinning, knitting, and weaving classes through Craftsy and Long Thread Media from well-known experts such as Judith Mackenzie, Maggie Casey, and Deb Robson.

Contact Information: 

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