Artist Page: Shelle Shephard

Artist Bio:

 Shelle Shephard has been involved in the fiber arts for over 25 years. She spins novelty yarn using wool from her sheep and other resources. She is inspired to weave from raising her own sheep. She is a shepherd! She gardens using sheep compost which she has coined “sheep sugar”. She sells or donates her sheep sugar to other established local community gardens. Her sheep sugar is for the gardener who has everything! She also creates pieces of art using found objects like buttons, beads and metals. She has a first place ribbon from the Lorain County Fair for one of her found bracelets. Fire pit logs and decoupage paper sticks are some of her other creations. Shelle continues to educate herself through on-line classes and workshops. Shelle lives in Oberlin, Ohio.

Contact Information:

Please contact Shelli through the guild at this time.