Sock techniques

Techniques I’ve Learned from Sock Knitting

Casting on

German Twisted Cast On (top down – extra stretchy for sock cuffs):

Judy Becker’s Magic Cast On (toe up):

Picot Hem Cast On (top down; my favorite decorative edge):

Casting off

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off (toe up, for the top cuff – good for any project that needs a flexible edge, even a sweater or a hat):

Increasing and Decreasing

Paired increases (make one left, make one right, invisibly – for when you want an increase that doesn’t show the extra stitch being made):

Joining Knitted Pieces and Edges

Grafting (sewing two rows of live stitches together, as at the end of a sock toe): Using a “sock chimney” might make this even easier – it provides a guide to follow while you’re grafting:

Three Needle Bind Off (joining live stitches on two needles with a third needle – one option for finishing a sock toe, also great for joining the shoulder seams of sweaters):

Magic Loop Knitting in the round (using a needle with a long cable to knit in the round – great for sweater sleeves as well as socks):

Reading Charts

If you’re unfamiliar with charted knitting, socks can be a great way to get practice reading smaller charts over fewer stitches – here’s an excellent guide to chart reading with lots of examples: