Weaving Calculator

Finished length of one piece
Finished length of one piece including fringe or hems
Number of finished pieces to be woven
Loom Waste: length you can't weave on loom
Takeup (how much will yarn rebound when tension is removed) Generally 10-15%
Warp Length Shrinkage (how much will yarn shrink when washed) Generally 10-15%
Warp Sett
Desired Finished width of one piece
Width shrinkage (Generally 5-10%)
Draw-in, esp if weft faced (natural tendency of selvedges "drawing in" during weave process (Generally 10-20%)

Complete the areas listed above. All must be completed before hitting the “CALCULATE” button.

You may print out your results after you have completed your calculations by hitting the “Print” button at the bottom of the calculator.


Loom waste: Specific to your loom. The length of warp that is “unweavable”.

Take Up: How much will the fiber rebound when tension is removed. You can use a chosen percentage (usually 10-15%) or sample and figure out what percentage your piece decreases off/on the loom.

Shrinkage: What happens to the fiber when it is finished using the weaver’s chosen method. You can use a chosen percentage (10-15%) or sample and then finish the sample piece to get a better percentage of shrinkage before/after finishing.

Draw in: How much does the width of your piece pull in naturally due to the nature of the weave. (10-20%)